Nurturing the magic and wonder of early childhood

The St John’s Transition program aims to build a bridge between home and Kindergarten by gently introducing the formalities and structure of education while allowing the magic and wonder of early childhood to be nurtured.

Our students are immersed in a child-centred and creative educational program that addresses the unique needs of childhood learning in a family atmosphere. We nurture confidence and promote independence by cherishing childhood and encouraging students to learn, laugh, sing, paint, read, write and grow together.

Our Transition class draws upon the expertise of specialist music staff from the Junior School and shares the outstanding facilities of St John’s and NEGS including spacious grounds, library, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, Sensory Gym, the school Chapel and the Equestrian Centre. Hosted by the Equestrian Centre, the ‘My Pony and Me’ program helps children to understand and respect the needs of large animals including food, grooming and shelter.

Nurturing the magic

The Transition class is a three or five day program that follows the academic year of St John’s, commencing at 8.30 am each day and concluding at 3.20 pm.

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